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About CRM

Corinthian Restoration Mortar is a product of Corinthian Cast Stone Inc.

CRM was formulated as a solution for the restoration trade.  It is designed to work with a specific substrate or substrate group. That means simply there is a product for Brownstone and another for Limestone etc. 

We have formulated stock colors based on our stock cast stone colors. These have proven to be the most used colors in the New York Metro Area. Chances we have a stock color that will work for you. If not we provide custom color matching either in our lab or on site using our portable color  spectrophotometer (a color matching machine).  Color matching is a service for fee. It’s less costly to send us a sample than bring the equipment to you but we are happy to help either way.

No need to mix some of this, a little of that, use a bonding agent and hope it works. Corinthian Restoration Mortar is simple to mix – just add water, simple to apply using standard masonry tools and simple to sculpt – it’s very forgiving – easy even for the beginner.

Were glad to introduce you to Corinthian Restoration Mortar, CONTACT US FOR A SAMPLE TODAY