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Order A Custom Color

Order A Custom Color
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Corinthian Restoration Mortar offers custom colors.

Using our spectrophotometer, Corinthian Restoration Mortar has developed a Color Library with
hundreds of mix designs. Our color (matching) policy ensures timely delivery of color samples while
letting you choose the level of color customization you require for your project.

Custom Colors are made to order. A sample of the material you desire to have Corinthian Cast Stone Inc.
match is sent along with a color match form and the Color Match Fee Corinthian Cast Stone will then
provide you with a best match sample to try and approve.

As an additional service for fee, Corinthian will bring the spectrophotometer to the site to match the
color without you needing to provide a sample of the existing. This is useful if you are adding onto a
building without doing any demo, or work has not yet started on site.

If you select to have a Custom Color for your Project, we will send your sample usually within two to
three weeks from receiving your sample, Color match form and the color match fee. Upon receiving the
sample you desire to match, you will be informed if a specialty aggregate is needed to match your color
and the additional cost (if any) associated with that aggregate.


To get started with your custom color, fill out this form (Click Here) right/control click to download and email it to info@restorationmortar.com