Formulated to match the color and type of substrate...

Simple mixing procedures result in repeatable results...

Corinthian Restoration Mortar is fast to apply and easy to carve...

  • Horizontal, Vertical and Overhead repairs of Cast Stone, Limestone, Brownstone and Sandstone.
  • Sculpt and or repair extrusions and organic shapes on the existing substrate
  •  Patch to feather edge.


  • Freeze-thaw resistant
  • Single component mix with water only
  • Customizable color and texture- factory blending of custom colors and aggregates including mica; ensuring a finished product that closely resembles the natural stone being repaired.
  • Tenacious bond -apply from featheredge up to 2" in single application no need to cut back area to be patched.
  • Carvable - Make repairs without costly forming
  • Free of chlorides, gypsum and heavy metal, Sulfate resistant

CORINTHIAN RESTORATION MORTAR is a single component, Portland Cement based, polymer modified material designed to restore and rehabilitate vertical and overhead stone surfaces and profiles without the need for costly form work. The fast setting, low shrinkage and high strength of CORINTHIAN RESTORATION MORTAR allow it to be placed and sculpted to final shape in a single application up to 2" in thickness. CORINTHIAN RESTORATION MORTAR is laboratory formulated for specific substrates.

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